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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shelley Was Here

Sometimes I take for granted what a nice neighborhood I live in. It's not a rich neighborhood by any means, but it's a cute, cozy suburban one. Also, it's perfect for walking and jogging, and I walk/jog around town daily. (Trying to work my way to jogging a 5K in September, but something tells me I'll only be walking that 5K.)

As nice as my town is, I don't know my neighbors too well. I do tend to notice which houses have kids, and which have expecting mothers (more than one on our block), mostly because I like to work with kids and always keep an eye out for babysitting opportunities on the side.

On my usual walk/jog last week, I passed by a house whose residents I didn't know. They must have had kids (or grandkids) though, because on the sidewalk in front of the house was a brontosaurus drawn with green chalk.

(FYI, the brontosaurus is -- and always has been -- my favorite dinosaur. T-Rex is overrated.)

I didn't know that children lived in or visited that home, but that chalk dinosaur practically shouted, "A child was here!"

It got me thinking... what objects or creations in my life would tell others, "Shelley was here"? Since this is a writing blog, some easy choices are my manuscripts, stories and song lyrics. But then there are smaller, more everyday things: my bulletin board of post-it reminders to myself; my colorful purse left carelessly on a kitchen chair; most obviously, the displayed photos of me with family, friends, and favorite celebrities.

They all say, "Shelley was here."

What things in your life let others know YOU were here?
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