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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cover Reveal for CAMP NEVER

I know I just posted about my upcoming release, but I didn't want to wait any longer to reveal the cover!

Just like my last two books, this cover was created by the amazingly skilled Steven Novak of Novak Illustration. If you're in need of a cover designer, I super highly recommend him!

And now, here's the cover for CAMP NEVER...

(You can click on it for a larger size.)

What's the book about? Here's the back cover summary:

Typer Stockton should not spend her summer at Camp Caspar.

Camp Caspar is a “behavior camp,” full of delinquents. Kids who steal. Kids who beat up other kids. Twelve-year-old Typer may not have made the best choices during her sixth grade year, but she’s nothing like these wacko and hostile campers.

Yet, her parents insist that Camp Caspar is the consequence she deserves, so she’s sleeping in a bleak, nearly empty cabin for the next month. As Typer spends her days trying to earn “smiley points,” while avoiding some of the biggest jerks she’s ever met, she can’t help but wonder:

What is she doing here? How is it fair that she’s stuck at this ridiculous camp where she doesn’t belong?

Or, even worse, what if she belongs here after all?

CAMP NEVER will be released February 25th. (At least that's the plan.) You can add it to your To-Read list on Goodreads here, if you'd like.

Thanks for checking out the cover, guys! I appreciate you stopping by!
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Thursday, January 21, 2016


Happy New Year! Not sure if it's still cool to say that this late in January, but I haven't posted in a couple of months, so I feel the need to wish you all a happy one. I have hope that it will turn out to be a good year.

One big thing happening for me in 2016 is a new book release. I have another contemporary middle grade book coming out, called CAMP NEVER. It will be released in February (exact date to be announced soon.)

I'm pretty excited. (Trivia: The title of this post, Excited, follows the same theme as the chapter titles in CAMP NEVER. They are all one word that start with -ed: Wronged, Mocked, Sneaked, etc.)

I'll share more info as it becomes available, such as the cover, a summary, and links to Amazon and Goodreads.

This is supposed to be the time to do lots of promo, but I actually have another big, new thing going on in my life that's non-writing-related, so I don't have as much time to spend on social media lately. I know, it's great timing. But I'm still looking forward to sharing CAMP NEVER with the world, even though I can't do a blog tour and other neat things. Maybe for the next book!

What exciting things are you looking forward to in 2016? Or what things do you hope will happen this year?
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