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Monday, June 15, 2015

What I've Learned After a Year of Being Published

For months, I thought about what I'd write in this post. I can't even believe it's time to finally write it, since it's been a whole year since Wishing for Washington was released. But here it is.

What I've Learned After a Year of Being Published:




Okay, let me think for a minute. I know I've gained some wisdom from this journey so far. I developed thicker skin for critiques and reviews, improved my formatting skills, gained public speaking experience, and really got acquainted with the worlds of Kindle and CreateSpace. So, why won't I expand on all that? Why can't I bring myself to write a list, or at least several paragraphs, about the things I've learned?

Because that's not what I'm feeling right now. This is the truth:

What I've learned after a year of being published... is that I'm still learning.

I want to be that wise old sage that's like, "Don't worry, darlings. I know all there is to know about self-publishing. I'm an expert. Just follow me." While I do offer to share my knowledge and walk others through the self-pub process, I'm not an expert. Not even close.

I'm still learning how to market my books.

I'm still learning how to use my time efficiently, between editing one book and drafting another, promoting the ones I have released, and doing all the less exciting business stuff in between.

I'm still learning how to properly incorporate images in my books without messing up the entire project. (*Glares at a collection of failed versions of One Hundred Thirty Stars*)

But sure, I have learned a lot. And I do want to make a post later on, sharing the few pieces of advice that I do have. But I also promised myself that I'd be honest about my writing journey, and while I love it and feel extremely lucky to have this job, I'm not the best at it. Even a year in, I'm still a newbie.

I'm thrilled to continue learning, though, and I truly feel that it will only get better from here.

What have you learned from where you are in your journey?
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Friday, June 5, 2015

So. Many. Things.

Wow, it's been quite a month! Sorry for the silence, folks, but I've had so many things going on.

We finally completed The Big Move across the country. We'd moved out of our old home many months ago and lived with family for a while, and then we lived in a hotel for a couple of weeks, so we went a pretty long time with most of our stuff packed in boxes. We're still getting used to our new house, but it's wonderful so far.

Between unpacking, meeting all my new doctors (yay for chronic illnesses), making new friends, and still doing writerly activities like critiquing awesome manuscripts and trying to get my own MS into shape, I haven't had much time to blog in the past month. I've missed this place and look forward to catching up on everyone else's blogs!

(Speaking of "this place," I plan to give this blog a makeover this summer. If things start to look wacky, that's just me fiddling around with it.)

Also, in the middle of all this craziness, this month is also the one year anniversary of publishing my first book, Wishing for Washington! To celebrate, the e-book will be free on Amazon today through Sunday, so if you don't have a copy, go ahead and grab one. (If it doesn't show up as FREE during this time period, please let me know.)

What have I missed in the past month? I'll find out; I'll be coming around to visit blogs soon!
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