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Monday, August 4, 2014

Writing With Chronic Illness

Hey everyone, before I point you in the direction of Misha Gericke's blog, where I'm a guest today, I'd like to share one thing:

My book, Wishing for Washington, has been entered in a contest held by IndieReCon. The category is Best Middle Grade Book of 2014. If you feel like voting for Wishing for Washington, that would be way awesome and I'd be your friend forever:

Anyway, onto today's topic...

I'm at Misha Gericke's blog today, talking about ways I manage to keep writing while chronically ill. Please feel free to check it out at:

Misha's got a very engaging and popular blog, so I encourage you guys to check out the other posts, too!

See you over there!


kristi d.wientge said...

I've made my vote! Best of luck. AND what a great blog post. You are an inspiration! x

Heather Holden said...

Just voted for you! Good luck! :)

Shelley Sly said...

Kristi and Heather, thank you for voting!! It means a lot!

Thank you for checking out my post on Misha's blog, too!

Kelly Polark said...

Voted!! Good luck!

Miranda Hardy said...

Congrats! Best of luck in the contest.

Stephanie Faris said...

I'll go check it out. Good luck with the contest!

Julie Dao said...

Good luck in the contest, Shelley! I voted for you and hopefully got some others to do so, too <3 Checking out your post!

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