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Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Change of Plans

One thing has definitely changed around here, and that's my blog design. I wanted to go for a simpler theme this time.

I'm not always a fan of change, though, because I'm a major planner. I have a precious pocket calendar that I use to schedule almost all events in my life. I know that not everything works out, (which is why about half of the events I write down have a question mark after them), but I like the security of knowing when things will or might occur.

So, when I decided to change my next book's release date after planning it for months, I felt a little disoriented.

I originally intended to release another contemporary MG novel (more details coming soon) in October, but after a crazy busy spring and summer, I wasn't able to finish revisions by September 1st, like I wanted to. I don't like to rush any of my books, so I'm giving myself lots of extra time to work on this one. The new tentative release date is February 11th. Yeah, that'll probably change, too.

I'm striving to feel better about change instead of feeling thrown off balance. Because, really, it's quite all right that my book's release is delayed. Not only does it give me more time to improve that manuscript, but I'll have time to work on other manuscripts, too -- which is hard to do when you're formatting and preparing a book for publication.

What changes have you experienced lately? Are you easily accepting of change, or do you tend to be attached to your plans?


Karen Jones Gowen said...

I am VERY attached to my plans but because I know things happen I usually have 2 or 3 back up plans just in case.

Jemi Fraser said...

Change doesn't bother me much - as long as I have a general idea of what's going to happen and the sort-of order of it all, the timing doesn't affect me. As a teacher I have plans in my head for about a week in advance, but I've learned to be extremely flexible and open to options! :)

Cynthia said...

I'm a planner too. Sometimes that keeps me on my feet and at other times, it leaves me freaking out as I consider worse case scenarios.

Anne Gallagher said...

Every time I plan a book release date, I move it six weeks up because I just don't plan for the unexpected bomb.

For instance, I planned on my latest novel being finished at the end of August. Now, it's the end of September. I'm planning on it being back from critique partners/editor by Halloween. Probably not until Thanksgiving. However, without a doubt, it will be published by Christmas. I don't care if it doesn't have a cover. It will be out on Christmas Day.

Tiana Smith said...

Love the new look! And I'm the same way about change - Hence why even when I switched to Wordpress, I still tried to make the design as much like my old one as I could. Good luck with the new release date!

Nas said...

I like the new look. Simple and easy to read.

Kelly Hashway said...

I think it's great you're changing your plans to put out the best book possible. Very smart.

Shelley Sly said...

Karen - Back up plans are a very good idea.

Jemi - That's great that you're open to changes, especially as a teacher. :)

Cynthia - Oh, yeah. That's another thing about planning is thinking of the worse that could happen...

Anne - Yeah, I can relate. Good luck with your book release!

Tiana - Thanks! Switching to Wordpress would probably be a big change for me.

Nas - Thank you, that's what I was going for. :)

Kelly - Thanks, that really helps to hear, even if it was not an easy decision to make.

Kelly Polark said...

Change can be good!

I have a new job at my school. I miss my old position, but know this one will make me a better teacher!

Website looks great!

Heather R. Holden said...

Can't go wrong with a simpler theme! :)

Also, sorry to hear you had to change your book's release date. I can relate to that kind of angst so well. Like, I used to have a 3x a week schedule for Echo Effect, but when I could no longer keep up with it, it became 2x a week, and now it's sporadic. I hated changing it, but I needed to acknowledge what my limits were. Like you, I don't believe in rushing things, either. Quality should always come first, so I have no doubt that you made the best decision for your book!

Anonymous said...

I had a lot of writing time in the summer, but now that I'm back at the day job, I feel like it's a struggle to keep up with my goals. I look forward to reading your next book.

Cherie Reich said...

I like the colors for the new simpler blog design! And it's okay to change the release date for a book. Readers would rather wait a little longer than get a rushed version. For me, I've had to change to focusing on one day or a few days at a time. Thinking what I'd like to write/publish two, three, even four years from now was making me so anxious and difficult to write. I still keep in mind what I'd like to do, but I don't dwell upon it or any mentally set deadlines.

vicky vomite said...
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Serba Serbi Kehidupan said...
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Shelley Sly said...

Sorry for these late replies...

Kelly - Congrats on the new position at your school! I hope you enjoy it.

Heather - I can relate. It's definitely important to know your limits!

Medeia - Thank you. :) I can understand; my ability to get writing and editing done depends on what else I have going on in my life.

Cherie - Very true about waiting longer vs. rushing a book. And I can relate about the far in advanced planning. Good idea to not dwell too much on it, especially if plans might change anyway.

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