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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Things in a New Year

It's already 20 days into 2015, but Happy New Year, everybody!

Hope everyone's year is off to a good start. There are plenty of new things happening and about to happen around here, such as:

1) NEW house -- As I've probably mentioned before, we're in the middle of the (long, complicated, exciting, terrifying) process of moving across the country. I'll spare the details on this blog, but if you want to know more about our journey, just ask.

2) NEW email address -- Well, it's not 100% new, since I'd used it as a business email for a while now, but as of this month, I'll be using it as my personal email address, too: shelleysly2 (at) gmail (dot) com. Email me anytime!

3) NEW book -- I'll make an official post about this soon, but I plan to release my next book in a few months! It's a contemporary middle grade novel called ONE HUNDRED THIRTY STARS.

4) NEW WFW news -- Check back sometime this spring for something new related to my first book, WISHING FOR WASHINGTON!

What new things do you have going on in 2015? Feel free to share info on book releases or other happy news!


Tiana Smith said...

Nothing new going on with me :) Best of luck to you with all your new things though!

Tobi Summers said...

Hopefully new book later this year (Pack Supremacy, the second Capitoline Hill book).

Good luck with all your new things! They sound very exciting!

Jemi Fraser said...

All kinds of excitement! Hope 2015 is a stellar year for you! :)

Heather Holden said...

Wow, you have so much going on! Hopefully the exciting parts of the move have outweighed the terrifying ones... ;) Also, looking forward to learning more about One Hundred Thirty Stars. I absolutely love that title! :)

Julie Dao said...

Happy 2015! As someone who despises moving, I'm sending you all the good moving vibes in the world for everything to go smoothly/quickly! And soon you'll get to the fun part: decorating.

Shelley Sly said...

Tiana - Thanks so much!

Tobi - I just checked out your blog, and I look forward to reading the first in your series when I get the chance. :)

Jemi - Thanks, hope 2015 is awesome for you, too!

Heather - The move is more exciting than terrifying, luckily. ;) And thanks, I'm pretty attached to that title!

Julie - Thank you! I do look forward to decorating in the future!

Nick Wilford said...

Hope the move goes well! I like to think we're moving towards spring when we really see new things happening.

Shelley Sly said...

Nick - Thanks! And that's a good point. I can't wait for spring!

Stephanie Faris said...

How exciting! You have so many changes...that can be stressful, though, so make sure you take time for you. We've been talking about buying a house and just the thought of packing up and moving 30 minutes away is making me nervous!

Shelley Sly said...

Stephanie - Thanks for the good advice! Any move, no matter how far, is stressful...

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